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Huatulco Maxico


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The paradise is located in the southern coast of the Mexican Pacific in the state of Oaxaca. Huatulco has 35 km of coastline with 9 bays and 36 beaches with brilliant transparent water. Huatulco is bounded on the north by the Sierra Madre del Sue and on the east and west by the Copalita and Coyula Rivers.

Huatulco has a sub humid climate with an average year-round temperature of 28°C and 330 days of sunshine are conducive to exuberant vegetation that includes the main species of low jungles. During the rainy season the dry forest turn form tan to green. Coastal marine life is characterized principally by coral reefs, purple-dye-producing sea conches and golfina turtles that nest in the area.



In the spectacular natural scenery of Huatulco, relying on a broad range of services, visitors can engage in alternative tourism activities and participate in extreme sports: from a pleasant walk in the jungle, to rafting, motor biking, snorkeling, sea fishing and golfing.

Huatulco was declared the Huatulco National Park a Protected Area in 1998 by the Mexican Government, in order to conserve the natural and cultural resources of the southern coast of Oaxaca, particularly in the region of the township of Santa María Huatulco, protecting with this decree 413 species of plants, 130 species and subspecies of mammals, 291 of birds, approximately 72 species of reptiles, and around 15 amphibious species- all representing the vast biological diversity that comprises its regional, national and world patrimony.





Immersed in the incomparable scenery of the region, the visitor can enjoy ecotourism opportunities in Huatulco with activities such as horseback riding, walking and hiking, mountain bike riding, and bird watching in the midst of magnificent landscapes and a great variety of extraordinarily beautiful flowers.

Extreme Sports
Practice your favorite extreme sport in the natural Huatulco scenarios: downriver kayaking, rafting and canoeing, or rappelling at Punta Celeste or in the canyons upriver on the Copalita.

Water Sports
Water sports such as jet skiing, windsurfing, kayaking, and the like have the best scenic backdrop in Huatulco at the most remote beaches accessible only by boat.

Sports Fishing
The splendid nearby waters with species such as marlin, dorado, tuna and sailfish are ready for you fishing rod.

Scuba Diving
Huatulco’s fascinating coast is an amalgam of beaches, crags, islands, cliffs and coral reefs that offer the scuba diver a great variety of attractions.
Among the best beaches for scuba diving are Tangolunda, La India, Chachacual, Riscalillo ando San Agustín, where beautiful marine flora and fauna can be found.

Night Life
You will always find various possibilities for nighttime enjoyment in the bars, cafés, night clubs, video bars and clubs, in Santa Cruz, Chahué and La Crucecita, as well as the stimulating discotheques of the principal hotels of Tangolunda.

- Bay Trip
A trip by catamaran sailing from the dock in Santa Cruz Bay will afford you the opportunity to observe the incomparable beauty of Huatulco, its magnificent underwater parks, and the capricious rock formations in El Órgano Bay. You will be able to swim and go snorkeling, enjoying the coral reefs. Of course, music and delicious food in native restaurants will be available.
-Visit to the Copalita’s Cascades
-Ride through the jungle in four-wheeler.